Penetration Testing

As your business grows and implements cutting-edge technologies, choosing a partner with experience integrating penetration testing services helps you minimize your exposure.

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Full-service penetration testing

We find vulnerabilities and help you take action.

Security Compass Advisory provides extensive expertise, professional reporting, and a customizable approach within our in-depth penetration testing programs.

Whether you’re looking to build more secure products or are managing risk and compliance, we are your partner in enterprise security.

Product Security

Build more secure products with a tailored penetration testing program.

One-Time Assessments

Review a feature or an entire product with a single, targeted penetration testing program.

Agile Testing

Be confident about the security of every software release with continuous penetration testing aligned with your Agile sprint cycle.

Product Testing

Build trust with customers by discovering vulnerabilities and remediating to ensure products are ready for release.

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Web Applications

Protect your company’s most valuable resource, your public-facing web apps.

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Mobile Applications

Identify and address security issues in mobile apps before launch without impacting deadlines.

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IoT Assessments

Avoid compromise by testing devices from a holistic perspective or assessing individual components.

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Identify and address vulnerabilities in APIs without slowing down your business.

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Risk Management

Reduce risk, stay compliant, and prevent data breaches, ransomware attacks, and more with regular penetration testing.

Annual Assessments

Meet compliance due diligence requirements with annual assessments tailored to your business needs and industry.

Network Penetration Testing

Proactively assess your networks to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Enterprise Programs

Test every aspect of your defenses and identify vulnerabilities across your entire organization with our full-service enterprise testing program.

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With our expert team, professional reporting, and customizable approach, Security Compass Advisory provides a clear picture of your overall security posture and a strong foundation for a robust security program.

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Our Approach, Tailored to Your Business

In all of our penetration testing offerings, Security Compass Advisory combines expert technical skill with an approach deeply customized to your infrastructure and concerns.

Comprehensive Assessment and Exploitation

We don’t just perform surface-level assessments based on vulnerability scanning. We use our deep expertise to simulate real-life attacks to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

Individualized Understanding

We begin every engagement by taking the time to understand your business and your infrastructure. Based on your unique profile, we customize our penetration testing services to best meet your needs.

Meaningful Partnership

We partner with you to achieve your goals and customize our assessments according to your specific requirements, technology, compliance frameworks, and processes.

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