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Revisiting Work-from-Home Infrastructure

Written By: Security Compass Advisory

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An overview for IT and security professionals making the shift from temporary to long-term remote work strategies.

60% of organizations that adopted work-from-home technology have accelerated or bypassed the normal privacy/security reviews.

Every remote worker increases the attack surface

CXOs’ number one concern since the world stayed home is identifying remote endpoints

Employees are no longer in the office, behind a firewall, with attackers on the outside. Existing IT controls need a rethinking to ensure they are still effective for a remote workforce.

ACISA recommendations for secure teleworking

  • Determine the risks of moving assets beyond the traditional perimeter.
  • Inventory new hardware and software to ensure effective patching and vulnerability management.
  • Implement cybersecurity training requirements.
  • Implement, maintain and invest in enterprise cybersecurity controls.

Testing your remote work controls with Security Compass

Security Compass helps you reach your security goals by providing a clear picture of real-world risk through our seven-step red team engagement process.

Our team is certified in OSCP, OSWE, and GPEN and has trained with industry leaders in red teaming. Our experience, flexible engagement design, and proven attack simulation methods enable you to defend against real-world threats, adapt to the remote work model, and fuel strategic decision making. Contact us for more details on our remote work red teaming package.

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