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Web Application Pen Testing Datasheet

Written By: Security Compass Advisory

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Assess your web application security with Security Compass, your trusted partner for penetration testing that goes above and beyond industry standards and that is backed by certified professionals with extensive cloud experience.

Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource

Web applications are the public face of your company and the primary point of interaction between you and your customers, including for marketing communications, customer support, and core business functions. As a result, web applications drive internal
business processes and hold your company’s most valuable resource: data. Attackers know this, giving them plenty of incentive to target your web applications.

A data breach can have devastating effects on your company, including loss of customers, disclosure of trade secrets, reputational damage, and costly compliance violations. Hackers will try to monetize their exploits by encrypting your data with sophisticated
ransomware and may not release it even if you pay.

A vulnerable web app compromise can be the first step for an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) to gain a foothold in your organization before moving laterally through your networks and compromising your entire infrastructure. Attackers are constantly scanning
the internet to find exploitable resources, and your application could be one of them. We help you uncover and assess security threats.

Our Approach to Web Application Penetration Testing

Security Compass is your trusted partner for web application penetration testing. We start off by understanding your business, allowing us to produce the most relevant assessment possible. The application’s role and the business value of its data guides the penetration
test to provide you with contextualized risk ratings and the most appropriate remediation guidance. Our partnership also allows our security consultants to look beyond technical vulnerabilities to discover business and application logic vulnerabilities that other security tools simply cannot find.

Security Compass has a large team of over 50 security consultants, each with diverse specialties. We have the technical skills to tackle almost any application, and we will design a penetration test that addresses your specific needs. Whether your application has
specialized hardware, unique integrations with external systems, hybrid cloud architecture, or novel security requirements, we look to understand your technology so we can ensure a comprehensive assessment of all security threats.

3-Step Methodology

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments

Our penetration testing methodology aligns with the industry standard OWASP Top 10, so all our assessments begin with these classes of vulnerabilities. Through the course of the assessment, our consultants go beyond OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities to ensure that all security vulnerabilities are discovered.

Some of the advanced vulnerability classes beyond OWASP Top 10 include:

  • Cryptographic vulnerabilities
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
  • HTTP Desynchronization
  • Cloud misconfigurations
  • Race Conditions

Automated Scanning Paired with Human Analysis

We leverage automation and security scanning technology as much as possible to ensure thorough and efficient coverage.
Leveraging automation to uncover the “low hanging fruit” allows our consultants to spend more time manually testing for complex
vulnerabilities or chaining vulnerabilities to develop insight into the real risk posed by a skilled attacker. Automated scanning is
an important tool, but Security Compass believes that a quality penetration test must go deeper than a vulnerability scan.

Clear and Thorough Communication

Communication is the most important aspect of our approach. The deeply technical work of a penetration test must be communicated clearly so businesses understand the risk of each finding, the impact to the business and especially its customers, and the likelihood of this vulnerability being exploited by an attacker. Detailed remediation guidance is critical to ensuring a vulnerability is completely and correctly fixed. Our consultants make it a priority to provide it. Through clear communication, your business can make smart decisions
about prioritization and timelines for remediation.

Cloud Application Security Specialists

Security Compass has many consultants with extensive cloud application security experience. Our cloud-hosted application
penetration testing targets the unique vulnerabilities that these environments can expose such as:

  • Insecure storage buckets
  • Abuse of metadata and identity management systems
  • Integration with DevOps build chains
  • Credential management
  • Common service misconfiguration

To help our partners secure their cloud applications, Security Compass offers a cloud configuration review service that can be included with any cloud hosted application pen test. This service will review the configuration of all cloud components and provide guidance for best practices to secure your cloud environment.

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