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Penetration Testing Datasheet

Written By: Security Compass Advisory

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With our expert team, professional reporting, and customizable approach, Security Compass provides a clear picture of your overall security posture and a strong foundation for a robust security program.

Tailored to Your Business

We customize threat modelling and testing based on your unique profile, simulate real-life attacks, and explain the business impact of
our findings from every penetration test we perform.

Program-Minded Approach

By working with you to build a penetration testing program that fits with your broader security agenda, we become part of your team. We can help reduce management overhead, integrate with Agile teams, and provide analysis including vulnerability trends, budget breakdown, and program coverage over time.

Thorough and Actionable Reporting

Reporting should be clear, accurate, and designed to inform your business’s decision-making. With three levels of review from both
technical and editing staff, our reports take you from information to action.

Our Enterprise Penetration Testing Offerings

1. Web Applications

We perform a dynamic and static analysis of an application’s business logic and functionality to provide a clear picture of vulnerabilities and at-risk data.

2. Mobile Applications

Our mobile-specific testing techniques include jailbreak bypass detection and device-based testing, allowing for complete coverage of
the attack surface.

3. Internet of Things

With specialists in IoT technologies and cellular telecommunications across many industry verticals, our team performs holistic security testing of hardware, firmware, and communications capacities

4. Microservices and APIs

Protect sensitive client data processed by APIs and microservices with a detailed analysis of business logic and attack surfaces, threat
modeling, and technology-specific research and testing.

5. Network Infrastructure

Discover exploitable vulnerabilities in internal and external networks. Our industry-leading cloud expertise allows us to assess both
traditional and cloud-based assets with confidence.

6. Wireless Infrastructure

We perform comprehensive on-site testing to review legitimate access points and discover unauthorized networks. We then review security and encryption configurations to identify vulnerabilities and assess business risk.

Industry-Leading Experience

Our enterprise penetration testing team is bolstered by industry-leading experience in technologies including WiFi modems and routers and the 5G cellular network, and includes more than 25 consultants with OSCP, OSWE, or GPEN certifications, more than 30 Cloud Solution Architects, and 20,000 hours of cloud security assessment work across AWS, Azure, and GCP

When you’re ready to discuss your security posture, our team is ready to listen.

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