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Cloud Security Services Datasheet

Written By: Security Compass Advisory

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Security Compass provides deep expertise and unmatched experience in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services to help you build a stronger cloud security posture.

Securely Embrace the Cloud

We help you implement proactive security measures so your organization can take advantage of the limitless opportunities to optimize your business operations while minimizing capital expenditures.

Identify Existing and Future Risks

Depending on the cloud platform and services used, our testing methodology includes tests to uncover common architectural weaknesses and misconfigurations that could expose your organization to risk.

Scale Your Security Team With Ease

Our team of penetration testers and solutions architects thoroughly integrate with your organization to become an extension of your team. We adapt to your processes and policies during an engagement to minimize disruption and maximize collaboration.

Our 6-Step Cloud Architecture and Configuration Review Process

1. Exploration

Identify which cloud services are in use and how they are being used to support the organization.

2. Cloud infrastructure & networking review

Identify misconfigured IaaS and virtual network services, including reviewing firewall configurations and access control lists.

3. Identify & access management review

Review existing users, roles, and policies for misconfigurations or over provisioned permissions that could compromise the overall security of the cloud platform account.

4. Function as a service (FaaS) review

Reviewing serverless functions has the advantage of offering a white-box approach to testing, allowing our consultants to identify security vulnerabilities in code running on cloud infrastructure.

5. Deployment template review

Our consultants review any deployment templates in the cloud to identify any resource misconfigurations that would persist across deployments.

6. Cloud services misconfiguration review

For each remaining cloud service in use, our consultants will identify common misconfigurations that may expose the organization to risk.

Unmatched Cloud Expertise and Experience

With more than 30 certified Cloud Solution Architects and 20,000 hours of cloud security assessment work across AWS, Azure, and GCP in 2019 alone, we are the go-to advisors for Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

When you’re ready to discuss your cloud security posture, our team is ready to listen..

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