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Whether you’re expanding cloud operations or considering the security implications of 5G, IoT, and new tech, our research-backed consulting enables you to pursue innovation.

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Always Looking Ahead

Together, we can secure emerging technology for a trusted tomorrow.

Security Compass Advisory has always been at the forefront of emerging technology, conducting research and developing expertise to help enterprises adopt new technology securely. We have years of experience in AWS and cloud security, and continue to actively deepen our knowledge and expand our skills to meet the fast-paced, demanding world of modern business.

Adopt Emerging Tech with Confidence

We provide the forward-looking research and strategy you need to innovate and grow.

Secure from the Start

We provide the research and insight to help you implement new technology securely, rather than going back and fixing issues after adoption.

Programs Tailored to Your Needs

We work with you to understand your business and security goals, then develop a plan to cover your current and future security needs.

A Partner You Can Depend On

We are with you every step of the way and provide the personnel, equipment, and technology you need to succeed.

A Pathway to Innovation

With a clear picture of real-world risks and a forward-looking team, you can grow your business and embrace the future or technology.

The Latest from Advisory Labs

Our Advisory Labs initiative provides the space for our consultants to explore new trends and the latest tech, leading to the research that fuels our consulting services. Here’s what we’re focused on today.

Preparing for 5G

5G will revolutionize the business world and our team is working hard to anticipate the security challenges ahead of the game. Our consultants are actively researching 5G and its implications and translating those findings into ways to take action.

Embracing the Cloud

Security Compass Advisory provides unmatched experience in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Services to help you build a stronger cloud security posture, whether you’re managing a hybrid cloud shop or looking for insight on containerization and microservices.

Securing IoT

Whether we’re thinking about autonomous vehicles, robotic assembly lines, or devices that monitor patient health, there are countless ways that IoT will transform our daily life and business. We’re working to make sure these innovations can take place while reducing risk.

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