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Our people are the backbone of this company and we take our culture seriously. Find out what sets us apart.

We are for you.
The whole you.
We are for unity, not uniformity.

Our goal is to create a safe, equitable workplace where everyone feels like they belong. With a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we can achieve true belonging.

We commit to inclusion and equity across race, gender identity or expression, age, religion, neurodiversity, disability status, or any other aspect that makes one unique. We commit to putting both resources and attention toward consistently growing and learning together.

Kroll Commits to this Standard By:

  • Diversifying our Events Committee to ensure all demographics are considered when planning internal events and engagement initiatives
  • Empowering the Belonging Committee to suggest, curate and implement ideas to support overall DIBE
  • Increasing sponsorship and support of existing Employee Resource Groups and encouraging the forming of any additional ERG’s
  • Committing to demographics reporting to identify where we have gaps and setting goals for improvement
  • Diversifying our network and aligning with community partners from underrepresented groups
  • Consistently reviewing and improving People & Culture policies, practices and processes for bias and systemic inequity

Workplace Culture

Kroll provides proprietary data, technology and insights to help our clients stay ahead of complex demands related to risk, governance and growth. Our solutions deliver a powerful competitive advantage, enabling faster, smarter and more sustainable decisions. With 5,000 experts around the world, we create value and impact for our clients and communities.


“Personal improvement and growth are taken seriously here. The flexibility to work on both proactive and reactive cyber security engagements has greatly expanded my exposure and abilities in serving our clients.”
– Goh Siong Por, Vice President, APAC Cyber Risk, Singapore
“At Kroll Cyber Risk, I find the collaboration and real sense of teamwork very inspiring. Personal egos are not encouraged! Communication with senior management is also straightforward and responsive. An excellent working environment.”
– Bill Anderson, Vice President, APAC Cyber Risk, Singapore
“Opportunities for new cyber challenges, knowledge, and career growth are plentiful here. Not only is your success supported through regular professional training, the entire global team also contributes to information sharing via collaboration tools and weekly group presentations. We truly work as a global team and no one ever hesitates to step up and help.”
– David Klopp, AMD, Cyber Risk, Singapore
“At Kroll you have the opportunity to learn different aspects of cyber security allowing you to develop a set of skills beneficial to your career growth and development. Kroll invests in cyber security and each employee can receive sponsorship for cyber training. In addition, they encourage a work life balance allowing you to do different things for yourself and the team.”
– Rick Li, Senior Associate, Cyber Risk, Hong Kong

Benefits & Perks of Working at Kroll

Global Presence

Kroll has offices in 30 countries across all 5 continents.

Flexible Schedule

We support a healthy work/life balance. To help you manage your schedule we offer flexible hours and have an open vacation policy.

Progressive Research

Contribute to our research team in the fields that interest you! 5G, Container Security, and EDR Bypass are examples of what our team members are currently getting into.

Learning & Growth

We provide a budget and environment dedicated to help you attain new skills and monthly sessions are entertained to showcase what you’ve learned.

Universal Acceptance

Whatever your race, gender identity or sexual orientation, we welcome you to be a great part of our diverse culture!

Friendly Events

We have fun! Whether it’s movie night or playing paintball, dodgeball, or board games, it’s regular around here!

Leadership Training

Are you interested in being a team leader? We can help you prosper with our merit-based leadership program.

Workplace Democracy

Our flat organization structure allows you to comfortably provide us with feedback through open doors and allows for greater innovation and communication.

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